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Photochromic lenses change darkness based on their exposure to light. While these sound practical at first, a single test with Transitions lens (or a comparable brand) at your local optometrist will reveal that this is mostly wishful thinking—not to mention corny.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses.They take a while to transition, too. Your shades will look odd while they’re between stages, and you may find yourself surprisingly dazzled if you step into the sun thinking you’ll be protected.


Gradient and double-gradient lenses are tinted gradually from top to bottom or from both top and bottom. This creates a shading effect that resembles the duality of a bifocal, so these types of lenses are perfect for blocking out sunny skies and bright backgrounds while still being able to concentrate on what’s immediately in front of you. Fake Oakleys.For those looking for driving or beach-ready sunglasses, these are solid options.Mirror-coated lenses reflect incoming light back off their surfaces, making it easy to hide your eyes behind your frames—which, let’s be real, is probably why you’re wearing them to begin with.Cheap Oakleys.These are the best choice for those with acute light sensitivity, and for use in extremely sunny days. If you regularly hang out on a sun-drenched beach, then consider mirrored lenses.Be warned: blue and purple tints (not to be confused with blue and purple chrome) are purely cosmetic.


Polarized lenses are the most well-known advancement in lens technology, and for good reason. Technically speaking, they block horizontally vibrating light waves.Discount Oakley. In layman’s terms, this means you can kiss common reflective glare—which bounces off bodies of water or snowy slopes—goodbye. They’re perfect for use near water, snow, or when driving for a long period of time.That said, polarized lenses often inspire retailers to add a significant markup to your shades.Oakley Sale.While they have their merits, they make LCD Screens (like the one on your smartphone) difficult to read, and in most day-to-day situations they’re not much different to your run-of-the-mill tinted lenses.

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